to air

AIR® is recognized as the nation’s leading aerial fitness training method. Designed for all levels, AIR® strengthens your core and tones your physique in record-breaking time by fusing elements of conditioning, Pilates and HIIT (high intensity interval training).


  • What to wear: form-fitting clothing, as loose clothing will get in the way during inversions.

  • What to bring: water bottle, hand towel, and your phone (so you can snap a photo of the #AIRPOW - AIR Pose of the Week after class). Note that all phones should be on silent and put away during class.

  • What not to bring: jewelry (it snags our hammocks).

  • All AIR® studios have water fountains, cubbies for personal belongings, and complimentary mats.


  • Arrive 15 minutes early to put your belongings away in a cubby, check in with the trainer and tell him or her about any injuries and/or limitations.


  • Select the correct-sized hammock for your height.

  • Grab a pair of weights and mat.

  • Set up the mat directly under the hammock rig. Our trainers can help you with all of this - just ask.


  • Expect your 50-minute class to start with a quick warm up followed by cardio, core, and stretching. You will end class with a cool-down, and if you want, stick around after class to learn this week’s new #AIRPOW.

  • If this is your first class, you can expect to feel somewhat defeated, and to be sore for the next few days. Understand that your first class is going to challenge you but after your second and third classes, you will get the hang of it and that’s when the fun begins — i.e., when you start seeing your body transform. 


  • AIR® Foundation is the best class to start with (see all class types here).

  • We strongly recommend pre-booking all of your classes the week before (best times to pre-book are on Sunday evenings and Monday afternoons). We do not accept cash at the studio and the likelihood of signing up inside the studio is very slim, as class sizes are limited and hammocks are likely already booked.

  • Class cancelations must occur at least 12 hours before the scheduled class, or else you will lose the class on your package, or be subject to late class cancelation penalties on unlimited packages.

  • You can book a class here.


  • Set a goal. Is your goal to build a strong core? To start living healthier? Regardless of what it is, set a goal and write it down.

  • Commit. Pre-book 2-3 classes per week and show up. No matter how hard your first class, if you want to master AIR®, you have to keep coming back. Planning ahead will help keep you honest in achieving your goals.

  • Find a friend. You’re more likely to stick with your routine if you’re working out with a friend. So, either sign up with a friend who can keep you accountable, or make some new friends at the studio. Our community is inviting, fun, and full of likeminded people who will help you realize your goal.