the air® hAMMOCK system

AIR® Hammock gives you everything you need to build a better body, at home.  AIR® is a suspension + resistance training fitness program that builds lean muscle, increases flexibility, and strengthens the core. The essential kit for anyone looking to train with AIR® at home.  $350 USD

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The AIR® HAMMOCK System includes:

  • AIR® Hammock (single point + steel carabiner)

  • AIR® Foundation Training Video (electronic)

  • AIR® Hammock Care Guide (electronic)

Contact or (312) 288-9614 to purchase your AIR® Hammock System, $350 USD.
Additional fees apply for all non-standard hammock colors and/or if ceiling height to accommodate the hammock is more than 10'.

DISCLAIMER: Aerial hammocks must be hung by a licensed rigger or general contractor.  Aerial hammock hang-point should hold a minimum of 1,000 lbs (no drops) and full height aerial fabric hang-point should hold a minimum of 2,500 lbs. Impact forces generated by full height drops could generate 3x the body weight, and a minimum of 10x body weight safety weight factor should be built in. Aerial hammock rigging can be very dangerous if installed improperly. What you need to hang your hammock will depend on what structure you are hanging it from, how sturdy it is, how much weight it can hold, how much force it can withstand from sudden drops, etc.