Meet Shama,
Founder + President

Founder, Shama Patel, left her career as a corporate attorney to follow her dream of creating a company that would revolutionize fitness. In September 2013, Patel opened the first AIR® studio in Chicago’s Lincoln Park. Since its inception, AIR® has inspired numerous independent aerial studios to open across the globe including in the United States, Australia, Italy + Thailand. Our company was built on the belief that we should always challenge ourselves to think outside of the box, never become complacent and to follow our dreams. Today, AIR® continues to be the leader in certifying the most number of aerial fitness instructors worldwide. In 2015, Patel introduced a sister company to the AIR® family, MudbuM® Facial Bar. Our brands are designed for today's modern client who has limited time, but is mindful of practicing self-care. Collectively, with over 15 locations nationwide, we have maintained a sense of playfulness while creating high-quality, successful wellness brands. Learn more about Patel through this short interview: Hatch Tribe or by following her @shamapatelart